United States

Restoration of Historic Corbin Building. USA

OHL USA, through its subsidiary Judlau Contracting, has restored the Corbin Building, one of the historic buildings of the city of New York. The project, awarded by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Capital Construction (MTA) and completed almost entirely by April 2013, included structural improvements, restoring the building’s facade, the main stairway and windows as well as remodeling the interior space.

Built between 1888 and 1889 and listed in the US National Register of Historic Places since
2003, the Corbin Building is known by its facade, made in ornamental terracotta, cast
iron and varied iron oxide rich sandstone. The interior space has ceilings decorated
with tiles in the Guastavino style, mahogany windows and a curved main stairway.

Benefits for society

The work done by OHL USA has brought back the dilapidated Corbin Building to its former
splendor. It now rises proudly again as one of the most remarkable buildings in the Lower
Manhattan area. Also, and because the historical nature of the building and its new attractive appearance, The New York Times has praised the building’s “architectural delights” and has written: “the facade of the Corbin Building is an ornament in Lower Manhattan.

Cleaned and restored, it sits like a ruddy little gem in the Broadway canyon, richly decorated with terra-cotta flora and fauna, belted by alternating bands of varied sandstone, capped at either end by pyramidal peaks. Monumental arches march down John Street like an aqueduct, enlivened by carmine-colored cast-iron window bays”. 

Meanwhile, in 2013 the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Capital Construction of
New York (MTA) was awarded the prestigious Lucy G. Moses prize by the New York Landmarks
Conservancy to acknowledge their work to preserve this mythic building.