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Moreover, OHL is the first Spanish company to complete a 206 km section of the Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed Train line (Turkey), in operation since 2009; and the first delivering a rail project in the USA, the AirportLink, which extends the existing subway to the international airport in Miami, Florida. OHL has contributed to the improvement of the New York City subway through our fully owned subsidiary Judlau Contracting, Inc. (Judlau), which recently completed two projects for the New Second Avenue Subway Program, -the 63rd Street and 72nd Street Stations; the refurbishment of the South Ferry Terminal Complex, and the Canarsie tunnel rehabilitation, the main rail corridor connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

Latin America

Construcción del Tren de Toluca

In Colombia we built the Medellín tramway, in Colombia, the most modern tram in Latin America, with a total length of 4.3 km and with grade up to 12.5%, the highest achieved in all tram system in the world. In Mexico flagship projects include the first section of the Toluca-Mexico City interurban train and the third section of Line 3 of the Light Rail of Guadalajara. Likewise, we have completed several sections in the Santiago de Chile Metro lines 2,3,4 and 5, including the Plaza Egaña and Dorsal Station, and the construction of the Valparaiso-Viña del Mar Metro, totaling over 19 km of delivered tunnel work. 


OHL has worked more than 30 years in the construction of the Spanish high-speed rail network (AVE), delivering nearly 200 projects to date. Some project examples are the Madrid-Galicia high-speed line north-northwest corridor (Espiño tunnel section. Left track) and the Sebastián high-speed line platform (East Antzuola-Ezquio/Itxaso section).

In Norway we are executing the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Ski contract, consisting of the reconstruction of the Ski railway station to connect it to the Follo high-speed line; in Sweden we are working in the improvement of the existing line between Lund and Arlöv (Malmö), one of the busiest railway routes in the country. 

In the Czech Republic, through our 60 year old specialized subsidiary OHL ŽS, we have participated in the development of several railway corridors; in Slovenia, we completed the Dolga Gora-Poljčane section, which includes 7.5 kilometers of double track.

Also highlighted is the performance of G&O, our fully-owned subsidiary specialized in the construction of infrastructures, superstructures and railway maintenance; and E&M Instalaciones, focused on the execution of railway electrification projects and electrical installations.