22 July 2015

OHL, a member of London Benchmarking Group España

OHL belongs to a group of 19 Spanish companies that have incorporated the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) methodology into their social action management model. This internationally renowned tool is able to measure an enterprise’s contribution to the local community and to unify all social, sponsorship and patronage investments which, in OHL’s case, are managed by the General Corporate Management in accordance with the 2012-2015 Social Action Framework Plan.

Throughout 2014, the London Benchmarking Group has reported the figures of a total investment of 595 million to develop social action plans, benefiting 5.7 million users mainly in Spain and Latin America. OHL Group’s contribution, during the same period, has totaled 3.6 million euros, of which nearly 3 million euros (81 %) have been distributed according to LBG methodology, whilst the more than 690,000 euros remaining (19 %) have been assigned to other social actions. Furthermore, the multiplying effect of these investments exceeded 100,000 euros.

OHL’s investment has been used to develop programs in education, health, economic development, environment, art and culture, social wellbeing and humanitarian aid in all those countries where it is present, to include Spain, Mexico and the USA.

Of interest is the fact that OHL is supported by Voluntarios OHL, when carrying out its social activity, in some of those countries where it is present: Spain and Mexico and the USA. This support has allowed the Group to keep solid ties with the local community and to collaborate in initiatives aimed at local development and progress, offering educational opportunities to underage school students.

The LBG methodology is able to improve the management of charitable activities, aligning any action with the company’s strategies, objectives and policies. It offers the following advantages:

  • Strategic and effective management of social action programs; alignment of all programs with the company’s business targets, planning and policies
  • A full view of all the contributions made by the company to its local community
  • Awareness of any return on community investment, by evaluating social and business achievements
  • Decision-making on future social investments that enable maximum yield and increased profit both for the local community and the company
  • Evaluation of any impact achieved with the programs, according to previously determined objectives
  • Management and transparency of social investment

150722 OHL, miembro del London Benchmarking Group España

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