12 May 2015

OHL Mexico Board of Directors endorses management and best practices while adding measures to ensure transparency

The company, OBRASCON HUARTE LAIN, S.A. (OHL), in compliance with current legislation, hereby reports the following Significant Event:
The Company informs that OHL Mexico, S.A. de CV, a Mexican company listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange, in which it holds a majority stake of its share capital, has notified the market the following statement, reporting the resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors at the extraordinary meeting held yesterday. Please find below a literal transcription of the statement released by OHL México, S.A. de C.V.:


Mexico City, May 11, 2015.- OHL Mexico (“OHL México” or “the Company”) informed the investing public that due to the illegal phone recordings leaked in the press, OHL Mexico’s Board of Directors held today an extraordinary session in which, besides denouncing these events to determine the source of the recordings and those responsible, it agreed to accept the voluntary resignation of Mr. Pablo Wallentin as officer of the Company so as not to hinder the investigation and/or damage the Company’s image stemming from his invitation to a State of Mexico official, effective immediately.
OHL Mexico’s Board of Directors has accepted a series of recommendations by the Audit Committee to reinforce the Company’s transparency and provide greater security and confidence to investors and the general public, adopting the following agreements:

  • Initiate a series of investigations related to the construction, operation and maintenance of the toll roads in the State of Mexico, starting with the Viaducto Bicentenario concession, in order to assure that these were obtained lawfully and in accordance with the terms established
  • Solicit the Corporate Practices Committee to review the fulfillment of the Company’s Code of Ethics
  • The contracting, by the Audit Committee, of independent advisors to contribute to the investigations
  • Form an Acquisitions Committee which will issue a new purchasing policy and the naming of a Director of Compliance that will reinforce the Company’s transparency

In addition, OHL Mexico’s Board of Directors approved the hiring of a Director of Social Responsibility and Communication, in charge of the Company’s relationships and of fulfilling commitments with its various interest groups, namely the users of its infrastructures.
OHL Mexico will communicate to the market, via the Mexican Stock Exchange, all the decisions adopted as per the above in the interest of being more transparent.

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