17 February 2015

Two new contracts in Manhattan for 205 million USD

The OHL Group extends its activity In the New York subway

  • Reconstruction of the South Ferry subway, destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, and works in Grand Central Station

The OHL Group, through its NY subsidiary Judlau Contracting, has achieved two new construction contracts in Manhattan (New York) for a total amount of 204.5 million USD (excluding VAT), awarded by the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA), to be executed in the New York subway and Grand Central Station.

New York Subway

The most important project, for 193.8 million USD, involves reconstructing the South Ferry station in the New York subway, Lower Manhattan, which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Line 1 of the subway runs through the station, and the works will include permanent measures to prevent flooding. The works are expected to be completed in 2017.

This station was constructed by Judlau just four years before it was hit by the hurricane, which caused huge flooding of salt water from the Hudson River Bay, as well as destroying all electrical and mechanical systems, including moving staircases and access and signaling systems.

When it was executed, it marked a milestone in the reconstruction of Lower Manhattan, as it was the first large public transportation network project inaugurated Downtown following the attacks of 11 September 2001. For this reason, it was then named “Project of the Year”.

Now, reconstruction works involve the dismantling and subsequent installation of the following new equipment: electrical equipment, communication and optic fiber installations, air conditioning/heating and ventilation systems, water pumping and extraction equipment, power supply, signaling, roadwork, seven elevators, two moving staircases and the architectural finishing and painting of the entire station. Retractable gates will also be installed to prevent flooding at all entrances to the station and other possible leaks will be prevented in vents, openings and conducts.

For the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York, the reopening of the new South Ferry station complex, and its protection against future storms, constitutes a priority, as it will improve the access of thousands of people to Lower Manhattan.

Grand Central Station

The setting of this second project is the emblematic Grand Central Railway Station. It has a budget of 10.7 million USD and involves constructing a new staircase from Lexington Avenue, to enable platform access.

The contract covers all the necessary structural and architectural tasks to build this new access, to remove asbestos pollution and reconfigure the affected area inside the station. Two glass windows with marble touches will be installed.

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