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Hydraulic works

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OHL began its activity in this area in 1945 with the construction of Albiña Dam in Navarre. Since then, OHL is one of the most experienced companies and has technical capacity to provide a solution to all hydraulic development needs:

  • Execution of large dams
  • Energy generation
  • Supply and sewage
  • Water rationalization for human and agricultural use
  • River channeling
  • Regulation of river flows
  • Flood control

OHL has executed more than 90 large dams:

  • Colbún-Machicura hydroelectric complex. Chile
  • Supply points in the basin of the Dyje River, parts A and B in Břeclav. Czech Republic
  • Val Dam, Zaragoza. Spain
  • Arenós Dam, Castellón. Spain
  • Riaño Dam, León. Spain
  • Búrdalo Dam, Cáceres. Spain